Some of the most used furnace types in the Rolling Process are:

  • walking floor ovens,
  • pusher type furnaces,
  • Walking beam furnaces etc.

In the ignition of these furnaces, natural gas or other fuels originating from petroleum are generally used as fuel. Thanks to the developing automation systems, the temperatures of the regions inside the kiln, the exit temperatures of the logs from the kiln, the amount of gas consumed can be recorded continuously. The furnace types mostly used in rebar production are continuous loading furnaces. Furnaces with large capacities are usually fed continuously. In push-type kilns, semi-finished billets are pushed into the kiln with the help of the following material, while in kilns with walking beams, they are moved with the help of beams.

The semi-finished billets from the steel mill are heated homogeneously above the crystallization temperature, usually to a temperature between 900-1250°C, making them suitable for forming by rolling. This heating process is carried out in rolling mill annealing furnaces. These annealing furnaces, which generally use natural gas, are largely responsible for the energy consumption of the rolling mill. Therefore, these furnaces are very important for energy saving methods in terms of both fuel consumption and the pollution caused by the combustion gases discharged from the chimney, and they should be operated as efficiently as possible. Some methods by which this efficiency and savings can be achieved are specified in other headings.

You can contact us for your rolling furnace needs in various capacities and sizes with various combustion systems.


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