• Trailer systems are the mechanisms that enable the pump systems to be mobile, and that they can be easily transported even to difficult locations where pumping will be done with any vehicle.
  • This system, which is applied to many models in our product range, is frequently used especially with models in the wastewater group.
  • It can optionally be designed to be suitable for city traffic. For traffic registration, there is a trailer approval certificate according to the system weight ( 0 – 0.75 tons load capacity for O1 type, 0.75 – 3.5 tons load capacity for O2 type).
  • The trailer system has single axle and double axle options and is also available according to the system weight.
  • It has mechanical crash brake, front drawbar that can be adjusted positionally according to the level of the towing vehicle and lifting eyes suitable for transporting with a complete trailer crane.
  • It has solid wheel or rim wheel with a load index suitable for traffic, signal equipment that can be controlled from the towing vehicle for the safety of right-left turns, vibration damping shock absorber or scissor equipment options while driving.

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