“Axial Separable Pumps” with single-stage and horizontally separable body are pumps that provide ease of assembly and service. “Axial Separable Pumps” are used in water treatment, processing and distribution centers, industrial washing, fire extinguishing systems, industrial and public applications, shipbuilding, mining industries, power plants, agricultural irrigation systems, general refinery processes and HVAC systems.

Split Casing Double Suction Centrifugal Pumps

Because of the back-to-back design of the double inlet radial impeller, the axial load is reset.
• Inlet and outlet flanges are located on the same axis.
• The upper body is lighter than the lower body and is self-adjusting to the lower body, easy to install.
• Pump and electric motors are connected with flexible couplings on standard chassis. It is also possible to drive with a diesel engine.
• Single stage horizontal split case double suction pumps.
• SPLT-M pumps are manufactured with mechanical seal.
• SPLT-M pumps are placed on a robust and reliable pump base manufactured with welding construction.
• It has the advantage of low NPSH character of double suction pumps.
• There are two different types of pump shaft:
1. Long type: used for soft seal application, in this type, it is also possible to use mechanical seal on shaft.
2. Short type: pumps with a more rigid and compact structure are produced by using short type shaft for mechanical seal applications.


Promotion centers. In water treatment-processing. Industrial washing. At fire extinguishing stations. Health and hygienic applications. In industrial and public applications. In water distribution networks. Ship, mining industries, power plants. In agricultural irrigation systems. In general refinery processes. in HVAC systems.


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