Small-sized closed/semi-open/open systems, which are made to preserve the physiological structures of the products and to keep them under a certain temperature and humidity condition for the purpose of displaying them to the end user, are called refrigerated display units. It is a widely used method for the preservation of food, medicine, various chemicals and health (serum, stem cell, etc.) products. The temperature range is -35 C / +25 C, but storage systems between 0 C / +5 C are common. Depending on the storage times, cold chain processes are determined.

In cooling systems, the selection of refrigerant and, the main equipment such as compressor, cooler, condenser, expansion valve and auxiliary accessories are accordingly selected. We can supply Showcase Coolers, Static Coolers, Cabinet Coolers, Condensers, Gas Coolers to be used in projects with Freon, Ammonia, Water/Glycol and Carbon Dioxide fluids. In these productions, Copper, Stainless and Aluminum pipe materials and copper and aluminum fin materials are used depending on the project.


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