Ram burners, which are mostly used in the textile industry, are nozzle-mixed burners and are used in industrial direct heated ovens and drying applications. The combustion chamber of these furnaces is generally pressure-balanced and requires burners with wide operating ranges. Ram burners have a simple working logic. They can easily adapt to many applications with different mounting options.


Possibility to work in a wide modulation range,

Capacity: Different capacity options from 4 kW to 872 kW

Ability to work with natural gas and LPG

Flame control with ionization or photocell

Easy assembly and disassembly due to its design

Ease of operation and maintenance


Ram Burners are designed for applications operating under Balanced 0 pressure or vacuum.

They are used in textile machinery, printing machinery and various drying applications. Temperatures can be adjusted more precisely with the direct combustion system in drying machines. By quickly bringing the interior temperatures to the desired level, the fabric passing speeds are increased.

Ram burners are not only used in new machines, but also in the conversion of ram-dryers working with hot oil and steam. With these conversions, fuel consumption in indirect heating is reduced and energy savings are achieved.


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