Industrial cooling is the work carried out to preserve the products under a certain temperature and humidity condition in order to preserve their physiological structures. It is a widely used method for the preservation of food, medicine, various chemicals and health (serum, stem cell, etc.) products. The temperature range is -80 C / +25 C, but storage systems between -5 C / +5 C are most common. Depending on the storage times, cold chain processes are determined.

The equipment of the cooling system varies depending on the choice of refrigerant.

Evaporators (Cold Room Evaporators) and condensers (Air Cooled Condensers) for cooling systems with Freon fluids (R404A, R407C, R134A, R410A etc.) are supplied by our company. Unique designs (Special Shock applications, Fast Cooling applications, Large Volume Area applications, Marine / Boat applications, etc.) are also made in special project works. Copper pipe and aluminum lamella are widely used in products with Freon fluid, stainless pipe (dairy facilities) and aluminum pipe (transport vehicles) and copper fin can be processed according to demand and need.

Evaporators (Cold Room Evaporators) and condensers (Air Cooled Condensers) for ammonia (NH3 / R717) fluidized cooling systems can be supplied by our company. In ammonia products, the pipes are made of stainless steel and the fins (lamellas) are made of aluminum.

Evaporators (Cold Room Evaporators) and gas coolers (Air Cooled) for cooling systems with carbon dioxide (CO2 / R744) fluids are supplied by our company. In carbon dioxide products, pipes are made of copper and stainless, and fins (lamellas) are processed from aluminum and copper.

Coolers for water/glycol fluid cooling systems are supplied by our company.


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