Hot air generators (SHG) that work with natural gas, fuel-oil, diesel and combined fuels serve in a wide temperature range according to process needs. Heating capacity option between 290 KW – 8750 kW, working with gas, fuel oil, diesel and combined fuel burners, output temperatures from 110 °C to 450 °C are available in direct and indirect hot air generators.

Usage areas of Hot Gas Generators;

  • Soil Industry: Artificial drying chambers of brick factories, Sand drying rotary kilns, gypsum block-gypsum panel drying ovens,
  • Chemical Industry: Detergent manufacturing towers,
  • Fertilizer Industry: Rotary fertilizer drying ovens,
  • Sugar Industry: Pulp drying ovens,
  • Paper Industry: Paper drying,
  • Packaging Industry: Printing paint drying,
  • Metal Industry: Stress relieving furnaces,
  • Cement Industry: Kiln drying, coal and slag drying

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