Condensation Technology

If the water vapor resulting from the combustion is discharged from the chimney in the vapor phase, the amount of heat obtained is the lower calorific value, and if it turns into the liquid phase, the amount of heat obtained creates the upper calorific value. With the special heat exchanger structure that condenses the steam in condensation technology, efficiency values ​​of up to 109% are obtained by utilizing this latent heat of evaporation and a high fuel saving is achieved.

At the same time, there is a decrease in emission values ​​with the decrease of the flue temperature; CO is reduced by 80% and NOx by up to 90%. Compared to the conventional combustion system, more than 100% of the energy contained in the fuel used can be converted into heat. In this way, the system also has an environmentally friendly feature.

Cascade System

Cascade system refers to a system where devices operate individually or synchronously within the cascade system. In this way, it provides ease of operation and maintenance with the redundant operation of the devices. However, the control of the cascade system with the external control panel causes the system to stop completely due to a malfunction that may occur in the control panel, therefore it is contrary to the cascade system logic. Wall-mounted condensing boilers provide communication with the intermediate module, ensuring that all devices have the same information.

  • Aluminum alloy spiral fin heat exchanger.
  • KASKAT connection possibility up to 16 boilers.
  • It is environmentally friendly with low NOx and CO emission rates.
  • Do not work at low sev levels.
  • Web server-remote connection.
  • The advantage of ease of use in boiler room planning and conversions with its compact structure and wide capacity range.

Electronic Control Unit

With the electronic control unit, all boiler parameters can be controlled and cascade control can be carried out on the boiler up to 16 cascades. In addition, OCI 345 .06/101 module is used, which provides communication between devices in the cascade system. This module should be used as much as the number of devices in cascade systems. The connection between the devices is made only electrically.

Aluminum Heat Exchanger

The heat exchangers of wall-mounted condensing boilers are formed by the assembly of high quality aluminum alloy spiral finned heat exchangers and auxiliary parts.

  • Al-Si-Mg alloy spiral fin heat exchanger.
  • It has a highly efficient special design with its improved heat transfer surface.
  • Due to the special alloy, corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity are very high.
  • Because of the special design of the heat fins, the risk of clogging of the combustion chamber is almost non-existent.

Premix Burner and Modulating Fan

With the premixed premix burner, the necessary air/fuel ratio can be obtained for complete combustion. Depending on the thermal requirement for the combustion reaction, the required amount of air is sucked by the modulating fan structure according to the required gas amount, and premix is ​​provided due to the premix burner structure and combustion is carried out with high efficiency. In this way, an efficiency value of 109% (50/30 C) can be reached in this device with premix burner.


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