As Focus Care we started the New Generation Maintenance Movement in Sustainable Combustion Systems.

In today’s conditions, where social developments and technological opportunities make our work easier day by day, the maintenance needs in our industrial facilities, the Old Generation Corrective maintenance approach evolved to the New Generation Planned and Predictive Maintenance approach.

As Focus Care, we will always be by your side to support our valued customers, during this transformation to help and to offer you discovery, measurement, reporting, analysis, maintenance and repair solutions that you may need on savings, efficiency and sustainability in industrial combustion systems.

Focus Care Services

The fuel and air settings of the burners are checked seasonally by measuring the emission values, and the proportional adjustments are made again.

As a result of new adjustments, emission values ​​are recorded and delivered to the customer.

Thus efficiency is ensured by early diagnosis of possible malfunctions and production losses are prevented and efficiency is provided.

  • Flue Gas Analysis
  • Air-Gas Settings of Burner and Gas Burner Systems
  • Fuel savings by improving combustion efficiency
  • Determining Boiler and Burner maintenance-repair requirements

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