Indirect air heaters are designed for heating circulating furnaces and dryers where combustion air products must be kept separate from the process air stream. They are also ideal for industrial room heating systems. Combustion chamber and air outlet pipes are collected in one module, thus providing an easy installation and optimum power.
Key features are Separation of combustion air products from the process air stream. It has simple maintenance. Complies with the requirements of NFPA 86.

It is highly suitable for heating and drying applications where the process air must be free from harmful substances. Typical applications include medical spray dryers, chemical dryers and drying ovens. Optional components can also be supplied that meet the requirements for use in dairy.
Solution with compact structure. Clean process air – free of combustion products. High efficiency. Options for extremely low emission burners.

Indirect Air Heater consists of a package system heat exchanger, combustion chamber, burner, combustion air blower and gas line equipment.

The heater unit is made of materials resistant to high temperatures.

Recirculated High Temperature Indirect air heating burners are designed to heat recirculating furnaces and dryers with combustion products are isolated from process air and have excellent use characteristics.

Indirect air heating burners used in industrial space heating systems have proven themselves in many areas of the industry.

Indirect air ​​heater burners. It is assembled as one piece with the ignition chamber and exhaust pipes.

They have easy installation and optimum efficiency.

Choice of proportional or fixed air burners. Multi-fuel burners are available. It is manufactured in accordance with the standards. Control panels and temperature control for flame failure. There are alternative options as insulated or non-insulated profile channels.

It includes high temperature limit protection and a process air pressure switch.


In paint drying and washing ovens,

Drying in the Food Industry,

In Spray Dryers,

In indirect air heating applications.


Type: Indirect air heater

Number of sizes: 9

Power range: 50 – 800 kW

Max. process temperature: 290 ℃

Fuels: Natural gas, propane, butane


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