Combi boilers are heating devices suitable for small-scale indoor spaces such as homes or offices, produced to meet the use of natural gas and hot water needs. The fact that these heating devices are small in size and therefore do not take up much space is one of the most preferred reasons. Another important reason is that the boiler is very quiet when operating. It is also important that it is easy to assemble and light weight.

When choosing a combi, it should be chosen according to the size and shape of the house. In addition, the safety of the chosen combi boiler is also an important factor. It is necessary to know the types of combi boilers in order to make a decision considering the heating characteristics of the combi. Here are the types of combi boilers;

What are the Combi Boiler Types?

– Chimney Combi Boiler; It provides the oxygen needed during combustion from the air in the environment and throws the waste gas out with the chimney. For this reason, chimney maintenance and ventilation of the environment are very important in this type of combi boilers. At the same time, the possibility of returning the waste gas to the indoor area in stormy weather has reduced the reason for choosing the chimney combi boiler.

-Conventional (Hermetic) Boiler; The air required during combustion is taken from the outside air source with the fan kit and the waste gas formed is thrown out with the same system. In this type of combi boiler, the waste gas comes out directly from its own pipe. It is not connected to any building chimney. For this reason, it is frequently used especially in buildings with unsuitable chimneys. The conventional (hermetic) boiler has a safety system against factors such as storms that may occur. For this reason, the most widely used combi boiler today is the conventional (hermetic) combi boiler.

-Condensing Boiler; The condensing combi boiler does not immediately throw away the waste gas formed as a result of combustion in the combustion chamber, and moves it around in a different unit to benefit from the heat of the waste gas. It provides fuel savings with the heat it receives from the unit.

-Single Heat Exchanger Combi; Combi boilers with a single heat exchanger heat both the hot water and the heater cores with the heat the existing heat exchanger receives from the burner. In this type of combi boiler, the mains water is heated instantly by passing through the existing heat exchanger.

-Double Heat Exchanger Combi; In this type of combi boiler, the hot water and heating system are separated. In the single heat exchanger type combi boiler, the mains water passes through the existing heat exchanger and during each heating, the water leaves lime and clogs the existing heat exchanger. But the double heat exchanger combi prevents this situation. The fact that the mains water does not pass through it also prevents calcification.

-Electric Combi Boiler; Electric combi boilers, which do not require a waste gas system such as a chimney, use electric heaters inside. In order not to encounter a situation such as poisoning, an electric combi boiler can be preferred. However, the fact that the fuel price is higher than other types of combi boilers also reduces the usage.


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