The type of mud that you choose to produce your goods effects the furnace choice.

1250°C for soft porcelain and stoneware mud, 1150°C for ceramic and tile mud, 950°C for glass fusion, glass settling, enamel, bead annealing heats are enough.

You can think that the temperature control and programming device, or simply the heat control device, as the brain of your oven. Ease of use, sufficient steps and waiting options to program the required heat curve, to have a program memory, the oven’s reaching to a controlled temperature  and controlled cooling features are the important features you should look for in a heat control device. Depending on your needs, controling and chimney automation features can be applied from a single zone or multiple zones.

The combustion system of such sensitive processes can be made by our company as PID controlled, Step Controlled or PLC controlled.


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