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Service Maintenance

As Focus Care, we started the New Generation Maintenance Movement in Sustainable Combustion Systems.
In today’s conditions, where social developments and technological opportunities make our work easier day by day, the maintenance needs in our industrial facilities are evolving from the Old Generation Corrective maintenance approach to the New Generation Planned and Predictive Maintenance approach.
As Focus Care, we will always be by your side to support you, our valued customers, during this transformation and to offer you solutions in the stages of discovery, measurement, reporting, analysis and maintenance and repair that you may need on savings, efficiency and sustainability in industrial combustion systems.

Focus Academy

As FOCUS ACADEMY, we start out with the idea of ​​helping our customers achieve operational excellence. Since our aim is respect for human and continuous development, we provide respectable and performance-oriented training and consultancy services, , and transforming the needs of our customers into “value”-oriented success stories in accordance with today’s and future business conditions.

Technical Trainings

  • Combustion Systems Training
  • Alternative Combustion Technologies Training for Energy Efficiency
  • Fault Detection and Analysis Training
  • Gas Line Luminaires Failure and Maintenance Trainings
  • Selection of Combustor and Gas Way Luminaires in accordance with TS EN 746-2 Training
  • Efficient Combustion and Fuel Saving Required Maintenance and Spare Parts Controls training
  • Green Energy and Sustainable Production Training
  • Solar Energy systems and advantages Training

Experienced, Passionate, Dynamic

As Focus Industry, we start out with the idea of helping our customers achieve excellence.

In this context, in order to support sustainable production with the Industrial Combustion Systems, Service Maintenance Services and Training Services business units , we produce solutions for the energy resources of industrial facilities within our company.

With our strong engineer staff and our experience in the industry, we are working on project design, equipment supply, installation and service-maintenance and training needs of industrial facilities.




Focus Academy



First Project of 2021

As Focus Industry, we have successfully completed the first project of 2021. We continue to work for our new projects with the motivation of our custo...


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